Carpet Cleaning Companies

There are well over 100 carpet cleaning companies in Charlotte and the surrounding area.  These companies offer a variety of services and a range of equipment and processes used to clean your carpet.  When choosing a carpet cleaning company, do not base your decision strictly on price, as you often get what you pay for.

Hiqh quality companies use trained technicians and the best equipment.  Most of these companies use either encapsulation (dry cleaning) or hot water extraction with a truckmount van.  Hot water extraction is the only method approved by carpet manufacturers to maintain your carpet’s warranty.  These cleaning companies use professional strength chemicals which are removed as part of the cleaning process leaving your carpets clean and chemical free.

There are also carpet cleaning companies that use portable cleaning equipment.  This equipment is also effective although it may not be as powerful as truckmount equipment.  Finally there are companies that offer carpet cleaning for $9.95 or $12.95 a room.  They cannot provide a thorough cleaning for that price so must either do a substandard job or upsell the customer once they have arrived at the customer’s home.

When selecting a carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets, ask about training and process used.  There are many quality cleaning companies in the Charlotte area but we hope you choose New Again Carpet Cleaning of Charlotte for all your cleaning needs.

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