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You know the feeling when the carpet gradually becomes the proverbial elephant in the room? It is something most homeowners will postpone to the very last moment and beyond. For a good reason, too, it seems.

Carpet cleaning can be a veritable ordeal if you try to do it yourself, especially in homes where half the rooms have wall-to-wall carpets. The stains and blemishes can be really stubborn things to get rid of, and sometimes you just don’t have the time and energy to deal with it at all. The good news is that you really shouldn’t have to!

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

New Again Carpet Cleaning of Charlotte is a local, caring and professional cleaning service that will be in-and-out before you know it, leaving your carpets in a state of pristine and happy fuzziness.

Even without hard stains from food or drink, carpets are usually in a perpetual state of dirtiness. You can achieve only so much by vacuuming weekly and applying home-grade carpet cleaning foam or detergent. The New Again team of professionals comes with a full set of powerful tools and commercial-grade cleaning agents that can combat even a 7 year-old layer of grease or dirt easily, not damaging the carpet’s fibers one bit.

 Known Locally for Reliable Carpet Cleaning

Our company is based in Charlotte and has years of experience of providing exceptional carpet cleaning services to Charlotte and surrounding communities. We practice a hot-water extraction method that not only makes your carpet New Again, but is also the only way to retain the manufacturer’s carpet warranty. Moreover, small dirt particles in the carpet will grind against its fibers and cut its life down by several years.

We have tools that don’t just clean the surface, but deep cleanse the carpet, removing the hardest dirt, bacteria and allergens. This is probably the best (if not only) way, short of carpet replacement, to achieve an allergy-free home for people allergic to cat or dog fur. Unlike many methods applied by our competitors, there is no residual chemical smell and the carpets dry out fully within a few hours.

Another problem with carpets is that, unless there is a spill or stain, they become dirty – slowly, giving you time to get used to their tarnished look. Small debris is being tracked in daily and dust sets deep into the fiber when humidity levels are high. Over the course of several years, the average carpet will change shades drastically, but with the process being gradual, most families won’t even know how dirty the carpet has become. Right until the moment we get it cleaned.

If you are experiencing more stuffiness indoors than you feel you should be, have allergy problems, or simply want to make your carpet New Again, all you need is call us now and we will be on our way!

We give free estimates and supply customers with valuable advice to help maintain and extend the lifespan of your carpets for years.


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