Interior Painting

Our services include:

  • Patch Work and Holes
  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Multi Color Interior Painting
  • Accent Walls
  • Accent Ceilings
  • Trim Installation
  • Trim Painting

New Again now provides interior painting so your home or business in Charlotte looks NEW AGAIN.

To hire the best interior painters for your home or business call New Again Carpet Cleaning of Charlotte at 704-595-3567.

Moving into a new place and need to get it repainted? Want to plug off some nail or screw holes that were left behind by a tenant? Feeling adventurous and wish to introduce a vibrant accent wall or accent ceiling to the living room or bedroom?

All those and more are great ideas that can breathe new life into a place, and all of them are services that are offered by our company!

We are a local company that offers commercial and residential interior painting services in Charlotte and nearby communities and we can make your home or office look New Again. Our company uses only lead-free, highest-quality paint products to ensure the safety of your household members. We make absolutely sure that our paints are free of hard chemicals and low emissions, to keep your family safe and comfortable.

Home Interior Painting

We are more than just another interior painting company. With full understanding of how home interiors influence our levels of energy and are capable to provide a feeling of calm and happiness, we are dedicated to help you achieve a perfect interior look for your home. We have great experience of matching paint color and texture to a home’s interior, making sure that the big picture is a perfect harmony of the wall’s color with the carpets, furniture and artwork.

There is a whole science to choosing interior colors for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, and a variety of solutions to suit any style and taste. If you like bold or pastel colors, we can produce a result that will be to your perfect satisfaction.

Commercial Interior Wall Painting

We work with commercial clients as well, offering a variety of paints and finishes that meet the requirements of any workplace, from office spaces to busy automotive garages. Commercial interiors have the additional consideration of not only how the paint looks but how it acts once applied. While households can have matt finished due to low traffic, commercial interiors will definitely benefit from glossy finishes that don’t take in dust and stains just as readily. It is even more important in places where you expect lots of dirt, as a glossy acrylic wall finish can be wiped clean with little or no effort, keeping the interior-cleaning costs nice and low.

We are a company that does both wall interior jobs and carpet cleaning, making us a perfect one-stop-shop for those who want to cover all of their interior needs in one go. Many of our clients started working with us when they needed a complete interior overhaul and stayed with us ever since.

New Again provides interior painting so your home or business looks perfectly New Again. If you want the best interior painters for your home or business, call New Again Carpet Cleaning now at 704-595-3567, for a free estimate!