Professional Carpet Cleaning Versus Renting a Machine

Many people are surprised at the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaner that uses a truckmounted hot water extraction cleaning system.  We are among the lowest priced for this type of service but there are companies that have lower prices.  Often they are using portable equipment that does not have the power of a truckmount and can’t get your carpet as clean.

But renting carpet cleaning equipment and doing it yourself is another option.  This may seem a good choice but note that rental equipment cannot clean as well as a professional carpet cleaner.  The rental equipment leaves soap in your carpet as it is a one-step process much like showering with soapy water — there is soap left on what was cleaned.  Our 2-step hot water extraction process uses a prespray that loosens dirt and spots and then a rinse that removes the prespray and the dirt and grime with it.  Hot water extraction is the only method recommended by carpet manufacturers as it deep cleans the carpet.  This process is much more effective than that rental equipment you pick up at the grocery store.

In the end you get what you pay for.  For a thorough deep clean of your carpets call New Again Carpet Cleaning of Charlotte at 704-595-3567 and get a complete carpet cleaning that will preserve your carpet and help make it look NEW AGAIN.

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