What Is The Difference Between Hot Water Extraction And Steam Cleaning?

Many people think that hot water extraction and steam cleaning, in the world of carpets, are one and the same thing. The truth is that these two methods differ from each other, the most noted of which is the fact that they do not use the same cleaning solutions. To erase confusions on these two procedures, it will be best to differentiate one from the other.

Their science

The science or the art of using these two methods are entirely different from each other. In the world of hot water extraction, what you will need is hot water that has a temperature just enough to clean into the carpet in the deepest and most effective way possible. For steam cleaning, as the name implies, you will basically need steam. In this case, the water should have a temperature that will enable it to form into steam.

Their uses

Hot water extraction is especially helpful when you want to clean a carpet and make sure that its natural fibers remain intact and will never shrink after the process. It is the same method that is helpful when you are dealing with tough stains. The reason why steam cleaning is not preferred on these occasions all boils down to the fact that it can actually allow stains to set into the material. But of course, you cannot just ignore steam cleaning and its uses. In fact, when you have a synthetic carpet at home, your cleaning method of choice will be no less than steam cleaning.

Who is doing the cleaning?


Depending on who uses any of these two carpet cleaning methods, differences may also arise. If you are not familiar with any of these methods, of course, you will have a hard time distinguishing which one you should use. In fact, as many other people do, you may confuse one from that of other or also think that they are still the same thing.

The level of effectiveness for each method can also differ depending on how a professional cleaner will make use of them. Take for instance a professional cleaner prefers to use hot water extraction. Professionals know that this process works if they make sure that they will not use detergents that can attract more dirt into the carpet.

The processes

These two are different also in terms of how they are being done. Professional carpet cleaners, when using the hot water extraction method, will make a careful inspection of the carpet first and from there, they will apply a detergent or an emulsifier on the surface that needs treatment. They will then dry out the carpet by vacuuming it.

As for steam cleaning, on the other hand, professional carpet cleaners will also inspect the spot before applying the cleaning solution over it. The difference now lies on the fact that with steam cleaning, the carpet will not be rinsed which can mean that residues of cleaning solutions can be left on the spot.

So, which method is better than the other?

You cannot actually say which of these two carpet cleaning methods will work best for your problems. Many times, answering this question will all depend on the differences established between the two. Your choice of a carpet cleaning method will all in all dictate which one is the better option. Simply put, if you choose hot water extraction over steam cleaning when in fact what the carpet needs is steam cleaning, the process will not be effective. The same is true if you do the other way around.

If you want to choose a better solution between these two processes, it will be best to ask the help of experts in carpet cleaning in Charlotte, NC and let them advise you on what’s best for your carpets.


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