Your Carpet is the Largest Air Filter in Your Home

Your carpet is one of the largest furnishings in your home, designed to beautify your home and make it more comfortable.  But did you know it is also the largest air filter in your home?

Carpet traps dirt, pollen, and other air pollutants so that they are not circulating in the air.  Have you ever noticed soil stains on the edge or your room or under your door?  They are not there because your vacuum cleaner doesn’t edge well.  In the fall and winter, you have your windows closed and the heat is on.  Warm air rises, hits the ceiling and goes to the edge of the room where the walls are cooler.  The air then goes down the wall and hits your carpet which filters the dirt out of the air.  Air circulating under a closed door will also leave soil filtration marks in your carpet.  See the picture below.

Like any filter, your carpet can only trap so much dirt before it gets clogged.  To keep good air quality and fresh looking carpets, it is recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned once a year.  A deep cleaning such as what New Again Carpet Cleaning of Charlotte provides will removed the accumulated dirt and grime keeping your carpets looking NEW AGAIN and retaining the filtration qualities.

A professional hot water extraction cleaning will not only clean the surface of the carpet but will clean it down to the carpet backing.  Removing this dirt will extend the life of the carpet protecting the investment you’ve make in your home.  Give us a call today at 704-595-3567 to get your carpets deep cleaned.


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